Colin Souney is running for State Representative in the 86th district representing North Branford, parts of Guilford, Durham, and Wallingford. His platform will be to Fight for social equity with attention to sensible tax reform as well as attention to improving state policy and services for the mentally ill here in Connecticut.

1.) Here in CT, we are plagued by the endless bickering of entrenched politicians over insensible taxations and ideas that yield the “least worst” decisions. Past policy has depleted the state’s budget and sent it into debt. These policies need review and amending. I will be a common sense voice for the people, not an entrenched, ‘bought and sold’ politician.

2.) The litany of poor economic decisions made against the environment and the residents of Connecticut needs to be stopped and reviewed for possible indiscretions. Our governor redirecting funds for environmental uses towards the general fund is an unacceptable step in the wrong direction, this is only one of many examples.

3.) Marijuana possession and use needs to be legalized with attention paid to reparations to communities affected by the War on Drugs. The taxed sale of recreational Marijuana will go to support not only these communities but also other social injustices. I support regulating it appropriately and taxing the proceeds, which is estimated to provide upwards of $50 Million in much-needed revenue to the state.

4.) I will fight to ensure equity and fairness in an overhaul of our taxation. In the richest state, we can ask our top-earners to pay their fair share, with a moderate increase in state taxes on the wealthiest 1%.

5.) Mental Health policies and services in Connecticut need to be addressed and funding needs to be allocated towards helping those who require it. Appropriate services need to be available to prevent the potential for crisis, violence, and harm to individuals and their families and communities.

6.) Registered Marijuana Patients and other terminally ill patients in Connecticut are exposed to an unwarranted amount of time to become registered and therefore legally able to use an otherwise illicit substance. These patients require the right to produce and process their own medication (it’s a plant come on here) without the fear of arrest and prosecution. Patients who are registered to produce should be able to offer their “overages” to the safety and security of registered dispensaries. This is an effort to reduce crime by preventing the unwarranted arrest of patients for possessing more than the regulated amount.

7.) I will work to build a safe, well-supplied, properly regulated Marijuana distribution network capable of handling the state’s current demand, which it is no secret the black market still has its grip on. This program will keep the already operating medical model and integrate a Recreational model by interacting with the individuals currently involved and familiar with the business here in Connecticut.

8.) Colin Souney will fight against tolls. Tolls are a new and regressive form of taxation and should never be discussed in Connecticut again and to him, it looks to be a Contractor money grab.

9.) There is a gross overspending of state funds that have caused some serious issues with its legacy costs. Reviewing for reductions in spending and allocating those saved funds to our depleting future is another important step that will need attention.

10.) Colin does not support sexual discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, or gender identity discrimination and will fight to change it within state law.

11.) Colin Supports an increase of the minimum wage from the current $10.10 an hour to a living wage of $15 an hour, ensuring an efficient but gradual increase that safeguards small businesses.

12.) Colin supports Connecticut’s small businesses. Companies like Amazon and eBay are constantly undercutting the local retail industry leaving the state and its population in an economic departure from state lines, sending our hard earned monies to far away places detrimentally affecting our communities. Colin will work to find resolutions that will bring some of these funds back to within our state lines so our communities can benefit from the spending being done within them. He would support subsidies, tax breaks, and other incentives for small business, as well as penalties for those abusive big businesses that receive state subsidies but then leave or break state laws and agreements.

13.) Because of the detrimental effects of junk food and especially sugary and diet drinks, if a new tax is to be discussed Colin would like to consider taxing Soft drinks. It is no secret in 2018 that sugar is public enemy number one! Heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, and many other health conditions can be directly related to sugar intake. A small tax on soft drinks or other high sugar content items could help bolster the state’s deficit.

14.) Ensuring that any new funds coming into the state are allocated towards Equity and not the pockets of contractors, politicians, or other outlets that are not in the interest of the Public will be a focus.

15.) Opening designated areas in our state parks that currently have trails to registered ATV’s and dirtbikes while instituting a fee structure to support the community as well as protect nature is also a focus. Our children have an increasingly dwindling option for outdoor play. Our police are tasked with working to keep our streets safe and often we see these vehicles terrorizing our roads. The fight to keep them off our roads and in safe regulated designated areas would be a win-win. A modest fee structure to support registration of them is prudent.

16.) I will work for and support Transparency within our government. The economics of politics seems to get convoluted in details and the public’s right to information should never be obstructed, and conflicts of interest should not interfere with the public accountability of our elected and appointed officials.

17.) I will Support alternative energy initiatives that put our residents to work and create a boost in local commerce. Opportunities for wind, solar, conservation, geothermal, and other new technologies exist, and Connecticut should not be losing out on these possibilities.

18.) Introduce legislation that creates language to protect parents who want to homeschool their children. Currently, there is not sufficient language to help parents who choose to homeschool their children.

In summary, from a core belief that the people of Connecticut deserve more than what they are getting, I will pledge to work on behalf of working people to ensure that I am there to represent their concerns and not those large corporate or special interest donors.