New Haven register Letter to the Editor

New Haven Register Letter to the Editor

Here we are on the eve on a midterm election season that promises to be one of the most exciting in centuries. With the surprising electoral turnout in 2016 and the fallout that proceeded, it’s clear that America is not only ready but is Demanding a Change in the political climate. Corporations have grasped onto to the political system with their tentacles running deep through its halls. Never before in history has it been clear there is a need for a revolution; corporations have been robbing the Country and the people in it blind with their failed ideal of Trickle down economics which only increased the gap between the rich and the poor. Economists all agree that the systems and programs we were taught years ago have done nothing for the enrichment of the people, all the while the corporations just dug deeper into the system to solidify there position securely placed on the arteries of the American economy.  A decrease in small Farming, small business retail, dining, as well as other necessary critical pieces of our local commerce over the past 25 years must be addressed. My name is Colin Souney I live in Guilford CT, I am running for State Representative in the 86th District. I am proudly a green party Candidate and I believe the two-party system has failed the American people with its endless bickering and minimal resolution history. Focusing on any issue only brings the debate to the table and ignores solutions. As a third party member, I plan on bringing both sides together with a firm view on solutions, leaving argument for the remaining dull and dim-witted to turn their focus on. There is a revolution coming, vote for me and watch it brew from within!

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