Guilford Country Tavern Meet and Greet

Sunday, June 17th, 2018       
Friends and Supporters gathered with Candidate Colin Souney at the Guilford Country Tavern to launch his campaign for State Representative in the 86th district on Sunday. 
A hot sunny Father’s Day, but nonetheless a good crowd in attendance, celebrating this historic kick off of a first ever Green Party candidate running for State Representative here.
Introduced by his campaign manager, Owen Charles, Mr. Souney spoke about using his campaign to “…Fight for working people and oppose corporate welfare”. He noted that “the incumbent, Candelora has been there for 12 years now and it is time for a term limit and change”.
But mostly he spent much of his time circulating among the crowd which included bikers, friends, Greens, and regular patrons and staff. This made sense, as he noted he is dedicated to listening to what people in the district want to see in government and the changes they would like him to work on. He believes he can make a profound difference in representing peoples’ interests, rather than large corporate campaign donors, and that he alone stands outside of the two parties and is able to do that.
Catering by the Guilford Country Tavern was excellent, by the way, and it was noted that the Chef/Manager had been a childhood babysitter for Colin, so the history goes way back!
Although the beer was flowing, and there was much comradery, this event marked the start of a serious effort to bring back democracy to people of North Branford, Guilford, Durham, and Wallingford. Stay tuned for much more!